Our Services

Our Services


Problem solving and research design: Vawser and Associates core expertise is problem solving and research design whereby we work with the client to clearly define the decisions confronting management, identify the information required to make those decisions and then design appropriate research to address client management’s information needs.

A focus on decision making and decision making processes: Through the use of qualitative and quantitative research techniques (including online) much of our research involves exploring and understanding attitudes, behaviours and perceptions of decision makers and decision making processes at both the individual and organisational level. Markets we regularly research include consumer, business, industrial and governnent sectors (see MARKET SECTORS).

A range of research types and techniques: Vawser and Associates senior, well qualified and experienced consultants utilize a range of qualitative and quantitative research techniques which are applied in a variety of research types. Examples of our services include:

Qualitative research techniques
  • Face to face depth interviews (individual, paired, executive)
  • Group discussions / focus groups (mini, standard, extended, workshops)
  • Telephone depth interviews, semi depth interviews
Quantitative research techniques
  • Telephone interviews (CATI)
  • Online (web, email)
  • Face to face
  • Mail
  • Special research techniques (i.e conjoint analysis / choice modelling etc)
Types of research we provide
  • Pre launch market assessments
  • New product / new market evaluations
  • Usage and attitude studies
  • Communications positioning, development and testing
  • Tactics and strategy development and testing
  • Pricing and price modelling
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Key opinion leader / stakeholder research
  • Market intelligence
  • Desk research

Small and large projects: Vawser & Associates conducts all sizes of research and strategy projects. From small qualitative projects using group discussions or depth interviews, up to large scale quantitative research using a variety of traditional and on-line quantitative techniques. Many of our projects involve both qualitative and quantitative research techniques. Where required, we will access special expertise to suit a particular client or research need (for example, organisational psychologists, on-line panels, and specialist quantitative fieldwork). Hence we can meet the small and larger research and strategy needs of most organisations.

Specialists in complex and technical research: Vawser and Associates has particular expertise with research involving complex and technical products and services where the purchaser is sophisticated and the decision making process is technical in nature. Examples include science and technology, pharmaceuticals and medical therapies, heavy industry and mining, agriculture, information technology and others.

Services to meet almost any need: Vawser and Associates has no preference for any particular research approach or research technique. Rather, we design our research and choose research techniques to meet the information needs of our clients. Our depth of expertise and breadth of experience means that Vawser and Associates is able to service almost any marketing strategy and research need.