Industries and Audiences

Industries and Audiences

A range of client industries: Vawser and Associates services a diverse client base from a range of industry sectors. Our clients range from small and medium business and organisations to some of the largest and well known corporations in Australia. In addition, we service overseas clients in both Europe and North America. 
A range of research audiences: Because we service a diverse client base we also conduct research with a wide range of target audiences and respondent types. These include both individual and organisational decision makers from consumer, business, industrial and government sectors.

Typical client industries we service

  • Banking and finance
  • Insurance, investment, superannuation
  • Pharmaceuticals and healthcare (a core strength)
  • Telecommunications and high technology
  • Education and training
  • Directories and information services
  • Not for profits, professional associations
  • Manufacturing and distribution
  • Government - Local, state and federal

Typical audiences we research

  • Executive: CEOs, CFO, Directors, Senior management, KOLs, shareholders
  • Small to large business: Owners, Directors, managers, accountants,  administrative staff, production managers, purchasing officers, IT&T managers, human relations, small business, SOHO and sole traders, tradesmen
  • Consumers: Household decision makers, consumers with medical conditions, users of a wide variety of products and services (banking, insurance, power equipment,  DIY, finance and superannuation, IT&T, internet, postage and delivery, healthcare and directory services)
  • Government: Federal, state and local government, administrators,  program providers, target customers of client organisations, members of decision making committees, staff / internal research
  • Industrial / agriculture: A wide range  of respondents in mining, agriculture  / farming, construction, engineering,  transport, outdoor power equipment,  heavy equipment
  • Medical / healthcare audiences: GPs, specialists, pharmacists, nurses, practice managers, regulators / government, patients, medical researchers
  • Technical: CSIRO, research scientists, medical researchers, high technology, new technology, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology
  • Employees and staff: Board members, senior executive, middle management, branch management, all types of staff.