Welcome to Vawser and Associates

Established in 2006, Vawser and Associates is an independent marketing strategy and research consultancy that focuses on the provision of strategic advice and actionable outcomes for business and organisational decision makers.

Problem solving and research design: Our core expertise is problem solving and research design whereby we work with the client to clearly define the decisions confronting management, identify the information required to make those decisions and then design appropriate research to address client management’s information needs.

Qualitative and quantitative: Our research services include a full range of qualitative and quantitative techniques. Our emphasis is on matching the right combination of research approaches and techniques to our client need (see OUR SERVICES).

Wide industry experience: Vawser and Associates services a blue chip client base across a wide range of industries including some of the best known corporations and organisations in Australia and overseas (see INDUSTRY & AUDIENCES).

Quality of staff: Our key strength lies in the quality of our staff. All our consulting staff are senior, very experienced and well qualified. We have no junior staff. Hence, only senior and experienced staff work with our clients (see OUR PEOPLE).

Ethics and quality assurance: Vawser and Associates prides itself on the quality of its work processes and the professionalism of our staff. The organisation adheres to all guidelines and standards set by the industry bodies, complies with Australian Privacy legislation and only uses IQCA, AS4752 or ISO 20252 accredited suppliers. Our clients can rely on the integrity of our work (see QUALITY ASSURANCE).

Contact us: If you would like further information about Vawser and Associates and the services we provide don't hesitate to make contact (see CONTACT US).


It’s as simple as A,B,C,D….


Consultants to business
Consulting is about focusing on the business problem and providing sound business advice. We have over 20 years’ experience consulting to business.


Full range of qualitative and quantitative techniques
We design our research to match the information needs of our clients. We can call on the full range of qualitative and quantitative primary data collection techniques.


Experts in strategy development
Strategy is at the heart of every successful organisation. Strategy development is one of our core strengths at the product or service, organisation and industry level.


A focus on actionable outcomes
We understand organisations require actionable outcomes that fit with the business strategy and are appropriate for the business and organisational need.